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Remembering Access Technology Pioneer David Holladay

David Holladay, the cofounder of Raised Dot Computing, and a longtime employee and supporter of Duxbury Systems, has died.
David's impact can be felt both in the early development of talking software for Apple II computers and in his relentless drive to provide the best braille software.
Here is the transcript of an in-depth interview from the Legends and Pioneers of Blindness Assistive Technology series from 2003.

Listen to the Let's Go Shopping Event and Support Blind-owned Small Businesses

A. T. Guys was one of the many vendors in this year's Let's GO Shopping event, a holiday shopping spetacular supporting blind-owned small businesses. If you missed the event or would like to relive the weekend, the audio recordings are below. Each vendor gives a detailed description of the items they sell and also answers questions from listeners.

Let's Go Shopping is Back - your Virtual Mall Crawl is November 3-4

Back just in time for the holidays, Let's Go Shopping is a two-day, virtual mall crawl featuring businesses owned by blind and low vision individuals. We are excited to once again join this dynamic event, November 3 and 4.

First Ever New York Public Library Assistive Technology Conference Seeking Presentation Proposals

A new technology conference is launching in New York City this October, and proposals for presentations are currently being accepted.




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BrailleSense 6 32 Almost New for Sale

Hello, I have not used this BrailleSense 6 32 hardly at all, and I have never taken it outside. It has a 32 cell Braille display, fast processor for using the internet, and really good camera for reading outloud and on the Braille display. It just reads anything you point its camera out very well. I am selling for only $2850 or best offer, so just contact me at Thank you Chris

New Podcast available Sensory Spirit

I am so excited to unveil the Sensory Spirit Podcast and community. Over the years I have found various resources and tools to make spirituality accessible, practical, and delightful! I intend to explore a different tool or resource each week or so on the podcast and have set up a Discord server for those who may want a place to talk with other like-minded spiritual explorers. Please feel free to check out the first episode which is a demonstration of a free accessible Tarot Reading program for the PC. You can also join the Facebook page for updates at: Finally come join the Discord server at: One-to-one Spiritual services are also available. I hope you enjoy and find something useful to you.

Selling my Hims BrailleSense 6

Hi. I am selling my BrailleSense 6 for $3999 plus shipping and handling. The current price for a new unit is $5,895. It is in mint condition and contains the latest update. I have had it almost a year. That year will be up the latter part of this February. Reason for selling it. I had neck surgery a number of years ago and my fingers I use to read braille are quite numb. I thought I could still read braille to some degree, but I cannot read it well enough to be useful, so I see no reason to keep the device.

BrailleSense Polaris32 and Brailliant BI 32 for sale, $2000 per unit or best offer.

BrailleSense Polaris: The unit is in fairly good condition, but will need some repairs. I have outlined the issues below. Issues: Issue: The unit is missing its Dot-6 key, though the underlying key structure still works just fine. HIMS said this could be fixed rather easily. Issue: When recording with the internal microphone, some static can be heard in the recording. The speakers and headphone jack work, so this is an issue limited to the internal mic. Issue: A few random dots in the Braille Display don't rise quite as much as they should, suggesting a cleaning is warranted. I have not yet tried cleaning the display, as I don't have the necessary supplies. Everything else on the unit works well. The battery still holds a decent charge, and all other buttons and all the ports work just fine. Original AC adapter included. Case only included upon request, as I feel it's not worth it; the place where the strap connects on the right-hand side has broken from heavy use, and the rubbery stuff on the underside of the case flap that covers the media keys has started to peal. Brailliant BI 32: The unit is in almost excellent condition with only a couple of issues, which I have outlined below. Issues: Issue: The display will probably need a cleaning. To the best of my knowledge, no dots are sticking or weak, I just haven't used the display in quite a while, but it's been stored inside of its case ever since I got it. Issue: There is an area near the Micro USB port where a tiny piece of the metal casing has come off the unit. This in no way effects the functioning of the unit. Everything else on the unit works well. The battery still holds a decent charge, and all the buttons and the charging port work just fine. Executive Products case included. It's in pretty good condition. The leather is starting to crack a little on both sides of the cover, both where it raps around the top back corners of the display and on the flap that wraps around the thumb keys. There are also some loose threads on the underside of the flap right near the magnets, but otherwise, the case is in pretty good condition. I can include a Micro USB cable and a USB to AC adapter upon request. I will accept payment only in full; unit or units will only be shipped after payment is received. I'm open to PayPal, Venmo, and Square Cash as payment methods. Shipping not included in price. I will box the unit securely with plenty of packing paper. Preferred shipping methods are USPS and UPS. Tracking number provided as soon as I get it.

22" HD Merlin Ultra CCTV reader for low vision $1,399

Condition: Used - like new Color: White If purchased new $3,750 Merlin ultra offers full high-definition color and contrast, resulting in sharp crystal clear images and vibrant color accuracy. Merlin ultra’s new Full HD camera allows for a wide field of view, displaying more text on the screen in amazing detail. Simply the greatest value and best picture quality available in HD desktop magnification, there’s even more to see with Merlin ultra! This model is 22” LCD Magnification 2.4x up to 73.2x Adjustable viewing modes for high contrast personalization XY table for smooth continuous reading Computer Compatible. Includes optional accessories. My father used this for several years to read bills, newspapers, magazines, etc. prolonging his independence and improving his quality of life.

Selling IRIE BrailleSheet 120 for $2,000

I'm selling an IRIE BrailleSheet 120 embosser for $2,000 or best offer. It is in excellent condition and is lightly used. I am the only one who has used it, and I've probably embossed on between 100 and 500 sheets of paper with this unit. The price of this device new is currently $4,295.00 ( I will include a stack of 11-by-17-inch Braille paper that's probably between 1 and 2 inches thick. The embosser comes with original parts and is in its original packaging.

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