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Audio Player #NFB18 Audio: Buzz And Blast Your Braille With APH

Dave Wilkinson, Director of Sales for APH, is no stranger to the BBQ microphones. Over the years Dave has spoken to us about voice assistants, travel and he has even invented a Blind friendly holiday. Heck, he has even been The Human Clock for us at last year s BBQ Game Show Chancy caught up with Dave on the NFB Exhibit Hall floor to talk about many things that involved Braille. Braille Blaster Begins the list of products and we end on auditory friendly tennis. To learn more about all the items mentioned in this interview head on over to the APH

Our 2018 summer convention coverage is sponsored by Google.

This week we're teaming up with our friends on the Google Accessibility team to talk about accessibility features within products like Android, Chrome OS, G Suite, Google Home, Assistant and more! Be sure to listen to our podcast series where we get the inside scoop, including the upcoming launch of Chat support and a 24 hour response time for the Disability Support team on July 9th.

The Google Accessibility team is also inviting everyone to participate in user research studies, where you can help shape the future of accessible products and features -- and get rewarded for it. Select here to sign up to participate and learn more at

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