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For the first time, in many years of posting and podcasting these annual summations, we can say "this one is different" for two very distinct reasons. Number one, it has been a very short 11ish months since we looked back at the year that was 2017 thanks to odd schedules amongst the BBQ Crew. And two, we have dispensed with the top ten list for something more conversational and topic driven. There are still lists of things, as you will read below, because it is an internet law that podcasts must do so in order to keep their street cred. The bonus to this decision is that the lists generated below came from you, the listeners, and the most downloaded content of the year.

Shelly Brisbin And Scott Davert Join J.J. and joe on this look back at 2018. The group notes highs and lows in Assistive Technology on a range of topics such as emerging Braille Displays, Visual interpreter Services, Wearable Tech, Google and Apple. The predictions from the 2017 show are revisited, gulp, with some interesting ones making their way on to the scene from everyone about what could be in store for 2019.

Top Five BBQ Shows Of 2018

These five shows were downloaded the most in 2018. All lists are in descending order.

Blind Bargains Qast 130: CES To The Max

Blind Bargains Qast 157: Liquid Retina Vapor Faces

Blind Bargains Qast 129: Outtakes And The Wolverine

Blind Bargains Qast 148: Deserts And Desserts

Blind Bargains Qast 153: Allstar Duck Triathlon

Top Five CSUN 2018 Interviews

We started our 2018 CSUN coverage with a deep dive into AIRA s Horizon glasses With Greg Stilson. These five interviews were the most popular, again according to our download numbers, from our other San Diego coverage.

CSUNATC18 Audio: A New NVDA Add-on Can Describe Website Images, Plus Accessible Approaching Buses

CSUNATC18 Audio: Amazon Ensures the Blind are Not Locked Out of Packages, Updates TV's and Tablets

CSUNATC18 Audio: The Canute Braille E-reader Is Just About Ready for Prime Time

CSUNATC18 Audio: What's the Buzz about Buzzclip Version 2

CSUNATC18 Audio: Right-Hear, Right Now

Top Five 2018 Summer Convention Interviews

Google sponsored Our summer convention audio with J.J. and Chancy. Check out the five shows that were downloaded the most from ACB and NFB interviews.

ACB18 Audio: Friendly Phone Options For All At Irie-AT

NFB18 Audio: Detect The World Around You With Sunu

ACB18 Audio: A Book And A BrailleMe From NBP

NFB18 Audio: Lets Go Crazy For GoBraille From Irie-AT

ACB18 Audio: Know More About Where You Are With WayAround

We would like to express our gratitude to our sponsors, guests and to all the companies who shared a microphone with us in 2018. We could not bring you quality content without their assistance. And we surely could not do it if it wasn t for all of you out there listening, sharing and rating our work on various social media and podcasting apps. We have been doing a podcast series, in one form or another, for a long time now. So, to have reached more people this year than ever before is very humbling.

Also, 2018 marked the eighth year that has seen Patrick perdue
Working with Joe and J.J. to bring you the audio you hear each week. The pair would like to thank him for staying on this crazy train for so long. We would not sound the same, nor as good, without his amazing audio engineering magic! Patrick is available for audio production gigs, birthday parties and graduations. Okay, maybe just that first part. However, you don t know until you ask him.

Speaking of Patrick, as is our normal tradition, he ll get the last laugh with our 2018 outtakes show with BBQ 171.

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