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Introducing a New Column, Fashion Sense with Jywanza

Hello, my name is Jywanza and I have been blind since the age of 15. I was born and raised in New York City but currently reside in Indianapolis, Indiana. My interests lie in reading, traveling, dining out and I especially love clothes and beauty products and learning about them. I own over 500 tops, over 200 pair of pants, over 90 pairs of shoes, 15 sport jacket/blazers, 8 suits, over 100 pair of socks and underwear and countless beauty products. When I moved from NYC in January 2006, all of my clothes weighed almost 1800 pounds, Yes, almost 1800 pounds..... That's equivalent to moving 6 new-born baby elephants. I always care about what I am wearing and how I look no matter where I am going and always look put together.

I know way too many people, who are oblivious when it comes to beauty products and fashion. I am here to help!! I don't know everything about fashion or beauty. What I do know is that I have spent thousands of dollars applying goop to various parts of my body and spent countless hours researching and learning about various beauty products and men's fashion. I have done the homework so you don't have to.

In my next column I will give you some tips and tricks about how to look good and stylish without spending a ton of money. I would love to know what you think. Please drop your thoughts into the comments section below.

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LuluHartgen Monday, 16-Mar-2015 4:44 PM ET:

Yay! I'll be reading this column for sure! I too am a beauty junkie and I love fashion so I'll be very interested in what you post here. I think it's extremely important how we look and I want to curl up when I hear people say: well I don't bother with makeup or beauty, people must just take me as I am. Um ... I also think there are loads of people out there who love clothes but who don't shop for them as much as they'd like because they don't trust people in shops and don't have anyone they can ask for help. I can't wait to read this column. Yay for you and the great guys at Blind Bargains!

big walt Monday, 16-Mar-2015 10:04 PM ET:

thx you. we as blind people need this. your advice would build up pride and self confidence..we need a fashion police.

sonshines Saturday, 28-Mar-2015 12:58 PM ET:

This is going to be a great column. Fashions do change, and, while it is good to keep up with the trends, there is a balance between being fashionable and being comfortable. Comfortable does not mean being sloppy, either, but knowing you look good in the clothes you wear and having the confidence to wear them. For instance, I do not like the suggestive skimpy fashion trends, but I also no longer wear the seersucker materials of the 70s either. (smiles)

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Jywanza Maye is a savvy shopper born and raised in New York City. His friends regularly come to him seeking advice about beauty products and where to find the latest clothing deals. He graduated Magna Cum La from Baruch College with a degree in Business Administration. He is a tea enthusiast and an avid reader.

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