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CAPTCHA Solver WebVisum May Now be Gone for Good with Firefox 53

one of the earliest methods for users to solve visual CAPTCHAs may now be obsolete once and for all. WebVisum, a Firefox add-on for solving the pesky visual puzzles, seems to no longer work with the latest version of the browser.
Indeed, the recent history of WebVisum can be described as murky at best. Once the gold standard for solving a CAPTCHA on a website, changes in Firefox threatened its existence a year ago. Firefox added a new security feature which required that all extensions be signed by version 43. This rendered the ad-don unusable until James Scholes stepped forward with a quick fix which made the solver work again.
Firefox introduced new add-on requirements for Firefox 53 and this version became the default for Windows users as of April 18. The makers of WebVisum have seemingly not shown much interest in maintaining the add-on, and it will take someone to revitalize the code if there is to be any future for the add-on. We do not advise you to remain with an older version of Firefox just to retain the use of WebVisum, as doing so will leave you vulnerable to other security concerns.

Other options

Accessible Apps offers Captcha be Gone as a service which is available for a few dollars a month. It supports Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer with plans to expand to other browsers.
Rumola offers Firefox, Chrome, and Safari extensions and works on a credit system, where you can spend a small amount of money to solve a number of CAPTCHA challenges. The Firefox add-on has not been updated since 2014 and we have not tested its functionality on Firefox 53, but other add-ons are available in case one stops functioning.

What are you using to solve that CAPTCHA these days? Are you experiences different than ours? Sound off in the comments.
Thanks to Steve Pattison for the tip.

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HarmonicaPlayer Friday, 28-Apr-2017 8:38 PM ET:

used WebVisum and now miss its easy of use.

AntCpt admin Friday, 28-Jul-2017 4:07 PM ET:

Hello! As I mentioned in another post about Webvisum there is a good alternative that we developed and support now. It's called AntiCaptcha solver and you can find more info in the link below if you are interested of course. It does solve any captcha, including Recaptcha2, and we hope you'll like it!

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