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Please share the below info with any friend, family member, classmate, and post on all of your social media outlets! I only have a few days left and need your help!
Worldwide Cane Distribution and Mobility Training Initiative! You Can Help Today!Contribute to a great cause!
Imagine living life without a mobility cane and not being able to travel independently, if at all! In 2015, I began The You Cane Give Initiative. We restore donated canes and ship them around the world to individuals who cannot afford or acquire a mobility cane. But now I want to expand the initiative. I need your help with this cause that is dear to my heart! 
The more likes increase my chances. Please support me today. Forward to all of your friends! I truly appreciate your support! This initiative will put canes into the hands of people who are blind who cannot acquire or afford a cane in their country! Not only will we hand deliver the canes, but we will teach the individual mobility techniques on how to use the cane properly! Imagine the increased confidence and independence! So please support my initiative today. Click on the link and like my video! Thank you for your support!
James Alan Boehm
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Phone: 901-483-1515
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Blindness is a mere characteristic not defining my abilities; the only disabilities in life are poor expectations and negative attitudes.

Contact information

James Boehm 901-483-1515 Email:kustomcane@gmail.comCall James at 9014831515 or email Website is -that is Kustom with a K and cane with a C Blog Our blog can be found at

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