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Hi All,
A friend asked me to help her sell a Perkins her Grandma left recently when she passed. She figured I could test it and make sure it was as good as it looked. Well, let me tell you, in my 24 years of blindness and working with Perkins Braillers, I had never run across such a well cared for machine. It is super clean and the finish is intact. I opened it to seeif the moving parts were as clean as the outside, and to my amazement, it is, I believe Grandma must have recently serviced this machine, or never used it. My friend wants $290.00 for this machine. I told her she should ask for more, but she said $290.00 would be fine.
Please don't try to have the price lowered since I will strongly insist she not sell it for less.
It still has it's cover in pliable condition, not cracked or dried out.
It is in my possession so I would be shipping it out free matter for the blind. If you desire a different method of shipment, you would pay the difference. I will pay for insurance on this unit.

I accept PayPal
It you live in Chicago, we can arrange for local pickup.

My info:
Cell: 773-562-1003

Believe me, this is a rare find!!

Contact information 773-562-1003

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