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Classifieds: Speakers and Devices for Sale $15-$100

Hi. I have several items for sale. First are some speakers. They are as followed.

  1. Two speakers with recorder: $20 each
    You can use these speakers to record, play music, and tune in to FM radio.
    Built-in flashlight
    Maximum capacity of SD card: 32 gb (for recording only)You can use 64 gb for music
    64 gb supported for listening to music only.
    USB flash drive are supported
    Headphone jack
    These speakers come with USB chargers only.

  2. Two regular speakers: $20 each
    Record feature not available with these speakers
    USB and SD card supported
    FM radio supported
    Maximum capacity: 32 gb
    Auxiliary input supported
    Comes with dual auxiliary and USB charger cable.
    Auxiliary input supported as well

  3. Two talking temperature: $20 each
    These can measure your body temperature, room temperature, and surface temperature
    Comes with two AA baterries (included) batteries installed in device already

  4. Braille labeler: $20
    This braille labeler enable you to label anything you like including CD’s, boxes, printed materials, buttons, etc.
    Come with several roll of clear tape labelers

  5. Talking cube clock: $25
    This cube clock announce both the date, time, and it allow you to set timer as well.
    Comes with two AA batteries (installed)

  6. PenFriend labeler: $100
    This PenFriend comes with everything including its original package and box.

  7. Reizen Talking Atomic Clock: $20
    This is an atomic talking clock that announces both the date and time. Alarm supported with timezone adjustment
    Two AA batteries come installed in it.

  8. Talking Color Identifier: $100
    This talking color identifier comes with two AAA batteries installed in it

  9. Bluetooth speaker with SD and USB slots, AM/FM radio, and 3.5 mm input with headphone jack: $20
    You can connect your Bluetooth device with this speaker to listen wirelessly.
    3.5 mm cord with USB charging cable combo included
    SD/USB slots allows you to listen to your music.
    AM/FM radio tuning supported
    Speaker announces the phone number when you have incoming calls to your phone.
    Lock button to lock the speaker to avoid accidental press to change speaker function.
    Sleep function supported
    Repeat one, repeat folder, and repeat all feature supported.
    You can hear the music in stereo mode with the two loud speakers.

  10. Another talking clock: $15
    I also have another talking clock for $15 only. Requires two AA batteries (Not included)

  11. Avantree Bluetooth/wired headphone: $35
    Headphone is capable with Bluetooth devices and NFC connection.
    iOS or Android devices are compatible with this headphone.
    Headphone allows you to make and receive calls via Bluetooth.
    Battery last for 40 hours.
    3.5 mm audio input allows you to plug the cord in for wired connection.
    You can feel the base too.
    Included in the package are its charger and 3.5 mm audio cord for wired connection.

I accept PayPal and check only. Items will be ship out once money receive. Free shipping over the U.S. If interesting in any item then feel free to contact me at and I will respond back to you as soon as possible.

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