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Classifieds: Selling Smart Beetle Braille Display, SmartVision II Premium Phone, and Tech for Skiing

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I'm selling a 14-cell Smart Beetle braille display made by Hims. Comes with two carrying cases, USB cable, and earphones. All braille cells, buttons, and keys are in great shape! Asking $470, including shipping.

I'm also selling a SmartVision II Premium phone from Kapsys. Comes with original packaging, custom carrying case, and USB cable and adapter. This is an Android phone designed exclusively for the blind. Asking $350, including shipping.

Finally, I have for sale a loud speaker system that I originally purchased while in Norway.  It has a headset with a mic.  If you are downhill or cross-country skiing, your guide would attach the speaker to his/her waist, and give you directions by talking into the headset mic.  The skier doesn't wear a headset
or speaker. The voice of his/her guide is amplified, making it easier to hear. Takes AA batteries. Asking $95, including shipping.


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