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Classifieds: Freedom Scientific F40 Focus 40 Braille/Tactile CPU Interface $2000, includes shipping)

Wish you could read the text on your computer screen in Braille or use Braille key entry for typing? Now is your chance to own your own Braille/Tactile CPU Interface to do those very things! This Braille display comes with a cable that connects it to the computer via USB connection. It requires no external charger. This 40-cell Braille display has cursor routing buttons above each Braille cell, a row of Navrow buttons above the row of cursor routing buttons, an 8-key Perkins style Braille keyboard with the addition of two Shift keys, two panning buttons, two rocker bars, and two selector buttons. On either end of the refreshable Braille strip are Whizwheels, which allow for quick and easy navigation of files, menus, and lists. Adjust your Braille dot firmness to your own preference using VariBraille adjustable settings. You may set up rapid reading mode for quickly reviewing your files and screens.
This display is gently used and just needs a new home because I have upgraded. It is in excellent condition, though. $2000, which includes the cost of shipping. Payment can be accepted through PayPal, Venmo, Apple Cash, or Zelle. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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