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When you think of Internet Radio, what comes to mind?
Do you like it?
Is it entertaining?
Are you a broadcaster or a casual listener?
Whether you currently are interested in the internet radio offerings in the amateur market, or not,
We aim to provide truly, something, that is different from what you would normally expect.

Programming Spotify or Apple music playlists full of your favorites are great! You've got any track at any time on demand.
But what about the times you don't want to have to worry about driving your favorite music service?
What if you don’t subscribe to a music service?
And, then, what about the empty pauses between your tracks,
or, differing volumes across tracks from different albums.
in comes the need, for The Nest DB Internet Radio.
With professional playback, track transitions, and processing.
The Nest DB is the home of the 6 to tens, weekdays, AM, or PM Mountain time,
It's the only time you'll hear DJ's talk on air.
Currently, ten to 6, on either side of the coin, day or night is non-stop music, as well as non-stop 48 hours of music for your weekend.
If you find yourself listening to #NewCountry or #Pop, you'll love what you hear when tuned into the Nest DB within your Live365 app.
Learn more, and listen, at:

So, why do we say we’re different?
It’s the format, the mix, the processing, it’s having DJ’s but not being consumed by the talk, and our consistency.
You want to hear talk in the mornings, or evenings. When you’re in the workday, you want your music.

With anything new, you got to give it time, to learn how it molds into your life’s routine.
We truly thank you for your time!

Learn more about our DJ’s, our programming and listen, at:

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Follow us on Twitter: @TheNestDB

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