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We are proud to announce that we are rebranding from Taylor’s Accessibility Services to Taylor’s Accessible Branding Solutions. We have made the choice to pivot and offer new services that our customers have been asking about in the past couple of months.
We started as an organization that specialized in accessibility audits and remediations. As we acquired more clients the demand for additional services increased. After completing market research we discovered the need for accessible forms of branding solutions.
Our organization has been blessed with great business partners, collaborators, and freelancers that follow the A11y First Initiative. A set of guidelines inspired by the original A11Y First that focused on accessibility for housing. Our purpose is to be your support and help you reach your greatest potential. That is why we will be providing new accessible products and services.
Our team is proud to introduce new services that include: content and copywriting, accessible web rescue, editing, proofreading services, and accessible website management solutions. Please standby as we roll out this new set of services and feel free to reach out to our team with any questions during this period of transition.
Please call us or email today to see how we will help you .
Phone: 2692155574

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