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Do you wish to delve into the subject of Audio Production but don’t know where to start? Daniel Contreras’s Learn Logic Pro course can help you get firmly
planted in your journey as a visually impaired user. With six plus years of experience with Logic, Daniel helps you learn the ins and outs of this software
from a blind person’s perspective using Mac with Voice Over. In addition to the course, you will receive one free hour of Logic training via zoom or FaceTime.
Logic Pro course will cover important aspects of using this software from an accessibility stand point. 
Subjects covered: 
list of 5 items
• Starting a new project 
• Recording and editing midi and audio
• Applying FX and signal routing 
• Logic Pro Drummer 
• Sharing your project 
list end
Logic Pro course includes 1 free hour of one on one Logic training for a limited time!

Buy this course for $74.99

Discounted bundled hourly packages and monthly subscription plan now available for Private lessons
1 hour: $40 
2 hours: $70 
3 hours: $100 
Subscription plan for one weekly 1 hour piano/theory/ear training/Logic Pro $120
Study Piano, music theory, and ear training with Pianist, composer, arranger, and music producer Daniel Contreras. 
Music theory and ear training is not exclusive to those seeking piano lessons. 
Piano Lessons cover the following: 
list of 5 items
• Piano technique 
• Scales and arpeggios
• Repertoire (Depending on level and goals) 
• Beginner to intermediate Jazz improv and harmony 
• Artistic attributes of playing the piano 
list end

Take your next step in music and audio today! 
Daniel Contreras
1-833-345-8324 Ext. 715
Pay via Phone 1-833-345-8324 Ext. 703

Contact information

Web: Email: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Office: (833) 345-8324 Ext 703 Fax: (661) 410-7577 2005 Eye St, Suite 6 PMB 180, Bakersfield, CA 93301

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