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Kustom Cane - Buy for Yourself and Serve Someone Internationally!
New Products! New Telescopic Cane and Cane/Item Finder Charms!

Titanium telescoping cane expands from 9 sections and automatically locks at each section for lightweight, durable usage. Cane won't inadvertently collapse when in use if pushed too hard. Single push button action collapses the entire cane. Handle is a textured rubberized high quality for a comfortable grip. Shaft is metal colored; bottom of the cane is red. Luminous graphene reflective material coats each joint and allows for better reflectiveness in the dark. Lighter in weight than regular mobility canes. Collapsed cane measures 11.5" long. Fixed metal tip has a 0.8" diameter. Includes an elastic wrist strap.
Also available in a 50" length,
Comes with an extra tip-rolling-standard round tip installed on cane) and a velvet bag to store your luxurious cane!

Order today to get a free charm of your choice with your cane!

Call us today at 901-483-1515 or email us at
Price $89
Now, next popular products:
Kustom Cane Cane Finder Charms

Kustom Cane has 3 great cane finder charms for you to choose from!
All charms attach to your cane handle elastic. Great to use for your suitcases, guide dogs, or other belongings!

Whistle Cane Finder Charm:

Misplace your cane? Whistle and the charm will begin to beep so that you can locate it!
Color: white
Shape: oval
Size: 1 78/8” by 7/8”
Includes button for small flashlight.
Price $19

Our upgraded Bluetooth finder charms are here! Choose from to options:
First, Apple tag tracker wrapped in leather and a ring to attach to the elastic of your cane
Includes Apple Air tag
Leather protecting cover with quick clip attachment
Must have Apple device in order to pair with tag. Please see Apple website for system requirements.
Leather cover colors: Choose from dark navy, Black, brown, and red
Size: 2” by 3/8”
Shape: teardrop
Price $49

Second, our newest Universal Bluetooth cane finder charm that works with any android or iOS device! App is fully accessible with smart phone screen readers. No haggle on advertisements or making other purchases within the app! Easy to replace the batteries in the tracker! Easy setup and instructions will be emailed. Phone support also available.

Colors: Choose from black or white
Shape: square
Size: 1 3/8” by 1 3/8” by 3/16”
Price $29
These items are new and are not on our website yet. Order them by contacting us by email at or calling us at 901 Dash 483 Dash 1515.
Did You Know?
Every purchase you make with Kustom Cane goes towards the You Cane Give Initiative, which provides canes, mobility, and other technology to the blind around the world! So treat yourself and empower another!

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