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Classifieds: For Sale: HIMS Braille Edge 40 -- Like new W/ executive leather case + cables -- $2700.00


I am selling a, like new, HIMS Braille Edge 40. It comes with it’s executive leather case, a USB charging cable, a flash drive converter cable, and can hold a charge up to 20 hours. See specks below.

More than just a Braille display. Braille EDGE 40 lets you read Braille wherever you go from your laptop, PC, Mac, or smartphone. It provides independence and accessibility that visually impaired people need and want every day.

Create and save notes, or read books and documents with the notepad. Use the scheduler for reminders of important dates. Set the alarm to notify you of upcoming appointments. Also includes built-in calculator, stop watch, and countdown timer.

Braille Access for PC or Mobile Devices
Connect, read and write with your PC or iOS, Symbian or Android mobile device via USB or Bluetooth. Braille EDGE supports all major screen readers including Jaws, Window Eyes, System Access, Supernova, NVDA, Voiceover for Mac and iOS, Mobile Speak and TALKS.

Create, Read & Save Documents read or save notes, books and documents to the SD card (up to 32GB SDHC), adequate for carrying thousands of books and documents with you for reading on the go.

Manage Your Daily Life
Use the scheduler and alarm to remind you of important dates and upcoming appointments. Take advantage of the built-in calculator, stopwatch and countdown timer.

User-Friendly Function Keys
2 four-way navigation keys and 8 function keys (Escape, Tab, Control, Alt, Shift, Insert, Windows and Applications) provide intuitive computer operation.

Choose Your Language
English, Spanish, French, German and Italian

• 40 cell braille display
• Patented quiet braille keyboard
• Compatible with most screen readers
• Memory space: SD card up to 32GB
• Interface: Bluetooth, USB OTG
• Loaded with features: Notepad (Braille/Text Document), calculator, schedule manager, alarm, clock, stopwatch, countdown timer
• 13 multi-language support
• 20 hour battery duration
Connect Braille EDGE 40 to a computer or PDA via Bluetooth and stay connected throughout the day without the need for charging. For even longer run time, connect via USB and enjoy all the great features of Braille EDGE 40 while simultaneously charging the unit.

I am asking $2700.00 for the unit. Please email for questions, comments, or concerns.

Tony Gebhard
AT Specialist, transition services coordinator, life coach
Alaska Center For The Blind and Visually Impaired
(616) (710) (0010)

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