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Kustom Cane Sale!
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Cane charms and accessory blowout!
Remember: All purchases go toward the You Cane Give Initiative-a 501(C)(3) nonprofit. WHenyou purchase a cane, you are buying a cane for someone else around the world!
See your impact on 26 countries and 1,400 canes at

The more you buy, the more you save!
Get free shipping with purchases over $49.99.

First, we are excited about our Cadillac of canes-the Titanium Telescopic cane! Never worry about your cane collapsing on you during traveling! WIth a push button locking mechanism, this cane feels and works great! Now comes in 46,50, 54, and 60 inches! Order yours today!
Special Price! $69 plus your choice of a Bluetooth speaker charm, hand warmer charm, cooling fan charm, or Bluetooth Cane Finder Charm-up to $59 value!

Comes with an extra tip and velvet pouch!

Buy a standard white cane or pimp your cane with personalization to reflect your style! From 250 colors and colors and colors that even change color-we have the one of a kind cane for you!
Prices start at $60!
Now for the great deals on charms!!!!

Kustom Cane Mini Charger Charm

Worried that your battery powered devices may die on you? Never leave home with the Charger charm! About the size of a lipstick tube,this high capacity 2600mAH will be there when you need it! Attach the charger to your cane, purse, bookbag and never worry about not having a way to charge your devices again. Just plug in your device’s chord into the USB port and your device will come back to life!
Regular price: $20
Sale price: $9.99

Moses Mobility Bell
Let people hear you coming and get out of your way? Part the sea of people with your charm! Attaches to the handle of your cane with one screw!
Price $15
Sale $8.99

Whistle Cane Finder Charm
Lost your cane? Not any more with this charm! Whistle and listen for the beep to locate your cane! Also comes with a light.
Price $19
Sale $9.99

Personal Alarm Bling Charm!
Over 100 DB! Choose from oval or heart bling design! Pull the pin when in danger or need help! Also comes with light!
Price $29
Sale $19

Bluetooth speaker charms!
Only the size of an ice cube!(square version) or our barrel shape that is slightly larger
But delivers a clean and loud sound as you listen to books, music, talk on the phone as a speakerphone, or use with your GPS device. WOrks with any device that has Bluetooth capabilities! Attach it to your purse, book bag, cane , dog harness, or belt loop! Comes
Sale $19

Cane Stunt Gun and LED Light
Protect yourself with this lightweight but power punching stunt gun! Charges easily by plugging into your wall. Comes with laniard and case.

Sale $24.99

Surprise Package $49.99
Receive a variety of these charms well as other tactile charms?Value of package $100!

All sales final. Call today at 901-483-1515!

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James Boehm 901-483-1515 Email:kustomcane@gmail.comCall James at 9014831515 or email Website is -that is Kustom with a K and cane with a C Blog Our blog can be found at

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