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Two For One Offer!

I have a very special two for one offer that is truly spectacular!

Hi Donald Brown here and yes, it is true! I have been selling $5 audio books because I honestly believe in making audio books affordable. And today, I have two of them inside a single package for you guessed it, $5. Now this is something that you don't see very often from me, so if I were you, I would jump on this one!

So what are you getting you ask? Have a look below.

  1. Everything You Need To Know To Publish A Best Selling E-book In As Little As 7 Days
    This audio book will teach you just how you can create an e-book, or perhaps an audio book in as little as seven days. It really isn't all that difficult, and a matter of fact, some individuals have done it in as little as even 1 day. Inside this brand new audio book I have laid out some pretty cool techniques and strategies to help you to get started. It doesn't matter what niche you're in because this audio book is evergreen. The techniques and strategies mentioned inside it will work for any business or niche you're in. A matter of fact, noe of the techniques and strategies inside this audio book aren't all that hard to implement. So you don' thave to worry about things being overcomplicated here.

The book comes in both audio MP3 format as well as plain text format. You will receive this book inside of a standard windows zip archive file. If for any reason you're not able to open the zip archive, please let me know and I will send you the direct download links to the individual files themselves.

  1. The definitive Guide On Generating Audio Books using AI
    Artificial intelligence has definitely revolutionized the way that we all generate content these days, and creating e-books and audio books is no different. This brand new audio book will explain how mixing PLR products along with content generated with Chat GPT and Google Bard along with your own personal content can help you to create a stellar audio book. I have been doing this for quite some time now, and I absolutely love it and that's why I am sharing this information with you today.

You don't have to pay royally through the nose just to have a spectacular audio book produced, not when you have access to the best artificial intelligence tools out there today along with PLR content and your own content written in your own voice. Now that's nothing short of spectacular! Believe me, you can do this and both of these audio books will get you started in creating stellar audio content that anybody will be glad to purchase from you.

Now both of these books come in a single bundle package that is just $5. So you're getting two for the price of one here. Both books come in mp3 audio and plain text formats and you will be downloading them as a standard single Windows zip archive file. You will not need any special unzipping software such as WinZip or any other fancy unzipping utility. However, if you have any trouble extracting the zip archive, I can send you the links to the individual files themselves. Just send me an email at the address here below.

Simply click on the order link here below and once payment has been received, you will be able to directly download the zip archive file which contains both products. Please note that you have personal use rights to both of these books.

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