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Accessible Reddit app Dystopia enters Beta, looking for testers

Dystopia, an accessible Reddit app created by a 17-year old high schooler from Colorado, has recently entered beta and is looking for testers.

From the Reddit post, special Accessibility Features include:
• Properly Voice Over navigable, with custom actions galore. Elements are in a logic, "most important" first order so that you can skim or wait for full details if you care. Any action that's available to sighted users is available over Voice Over
• Dynamic type (95% compliant, comment headers are still slightly broken sorry!)
• Raise suspected transcription comments to the top. I'm pretty proud of this one. So many of you may be familiar with /r/transcribersofreddit and may find it to be useful when viewing image posts. With this setting (under the Accessibility settings menu), detected transcriptions will be raised to the top comment.
• Configurable: you can auto-hide visited posts so you don't have to dig through pages of old content to find new stuff. If you have reddit gold, viewed posts sync between the web and Dystopia.
General features
• Multi-account. I have like six reddit accounts so this was super important for me.
• No ads ever. I hate ads with a passion. Absolutely under no circumstance will this app have ads.
• Configurable: Prompt to open reddit links off the clipboard
• Play certain video links in the built in iOS player instead of redirecting to the browser. Presently this is just but in the future I'd like to add YouTube assuming google doesn't smite me.
• Configurable: Automatically open links in Safari reader mode
• Configurable: anonymity filter which hides your username everyone the UI. If you’re using screen curtain not exactly useful but it’s nice otherwise if you use the app a lot in public and would rather strangers/friends/family didn’t know your reddit username
• All the regular reddit stuff you'd expect like voting, posting, commenting, sending PMs, stalking people's profiles, you know the drill.

The app is currently in beta, and you can test it by submitting your apple id to this google form provided your iOS device is running iOS 9 or higher.

You can also follow /r/Dystopiaforreddit to get updates on the development of the app, feature requests, and user experiences.

Have you tried the app? Comment with your experiences.

Source: I made a FULLY accessible Reddit app for iOS. It's free, ad-less, and I need beta testers!
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Tangela Mahaffey is a barely reformed English Major currently residing in Colorado. She reads entirely too many fantasy books and takes almost nothing seriously, including herself. She loves technology, music, writing, puns, and cats. She can be reached on twitter @tmmahaff

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