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Welcome to the Blind Bargains audio content page, featuring interviews, presentations, and updates on the latest in technology. Here is a listing of the audio content we have posted.

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Blind Bargains Qast 93: The 2017 #CSUNATC17 Wrap-up Show; Promises Promises
#CSUNATC17 Audio: Hims GoVision Updates and Highlights
#CSUNATC17 Audio: The Song of the Grackle Makes Google Docs More Accessible
#CSUNATC17 Audio: HandyTech's Actilino is a 16-cell Swiss Army Knife
#CSUNATC17 Audio: The eSight 3: Faster, Smaller, Cheaper Glasses to Improve Vision
#CSUNATC17 Audio: Hims BrailleSense Polaris Debut
#CSUNATC17 Audio: The KNFB Reader for Windows Unveiling
#CSUNATC17 Audio: Rehan Electronics Shows off the Acuity Desktop Video Magnifier with OCR
#CSUNATC17 Audio: Aira Goes Beyond Exploring to Expand Crowd Assistance Options
#CSUNATC17 Audio: Tapping Your Way to Faster Typing with a Wearable Keyboard
#CSUNATC17 Audio: TrySight Tries Windows 12-inch Magnifier, Stand-alone Reading Machine
#CSUNATC17 Audio: Read Your Books and Newspapers with the new Dolphin GuideReader
#CSUNATC17 Audio: How the U.S. Military and the DLA Benefit from CSUN
#CSUNATC17 Audio: Amazon Rekindles the Fire with Expanded VoiceView
#CSUNATC17 Audio: Desmos Makes Calculated Accessibility Moves with their Free Math Tools
#CSUNATC17 Audio: NorthState AT Enlarges Tablet Options for Low Vision Users
#CSUNATC17 Audio: Be my Eyes Nears One Million Available Eyes; Launching Updated App with New Features
#CSUNATC17 Audio: Reinecker Talks Mezzo, Magnification, and More
#CSUNATC17 Audio: Second Sight May be able to Bring you Sight this Second
#CSUNATC17 Audio: Wearable Navigation with the Sunu Band Smart-Watch
#CSUNATC17 Audio: Humanware is Updating All the Things
#CSUNATC17 Audio: Enhanced Vision has some MoJo, Plus the Return of the Jordy
#CSUNATC17 Audio: The Dot Watch is Real, and Brings Braille to your Wrist
#CSUNATC17 Audio: VFO Adds OCR to the ONYX Video Magnifier
#CSUNATC17 Audio: The NeoBraille Redux
#CSUNATC17 Audio: Price Check at Booth 401, Now Available for the I.D. Mate Galaxy
#CSUNATC17 Audio: The Winding and Long Road for NVAccess
#CSUNATC17 Audio: A Relatively Affordable Production Braille Embosser from American Thermoform
#CSUNATC17 Audio: Ambutech Gets Creative with Cane Tips and Accessories
#CSUNATC17 Audio: AudioEye Wants to Fix Accessibility Errors through Technology
#CSUNATC17 Audio: A Graphic Interview with APH and Orbit Research on the Graphiti Tablet
#CSUNATC17 Audio: Right-Hear App Helps you Find What's Here and There While Indoors
#CSUNATC17 Audio: Acustica Says They Have the Watch for All Senses
#CSUNATC17 Audio: Baum Unlocks the Future of the Vario Ultra While Magnifying Visio Magnifier Options
#CSUNATC17 Audio: A Star Is Born With The New HIMS Polaris
Blind Bargains Qast 92: California Knows How To party, Dreaming
Blind Bargains Qast 91: Bringin' Sexy BrailleBack
Blind Bargains Qast 90: Side-eye Squared
Blind Bargains Qast 89: Umano Jelly Flops
Blind bargains Qast 88: The Year In AT 2016: Part 2
Blind Bargains Qast 87: The Year In AT 2016: Part 1
Blind Bargains Qast 86: The Unboxing Process Of 2016
Blind Bargains Qast 85: Attractive and Sporty
Blind Bargains Qast 84: Curb Cut Equasions
Blind Bargains Qast 83: The 2016 Holiday Shopping Guide
Blind Bargains Qast 82: Are You Feeling Lucky?
Blind Bargains Qast 81: Everything Is Awesome
Blind Bargains Qast 80: Thunderbolts And Lightning
Blind Bargains Qast 79: Ginny Owens Sound Ramp
Blind Bargains Qast 78: Triangle Chocolatey Goodness
Blind Bargains Qast 77: This Note Is On Fire!
Blind Bargains Qast 76: andromeda Daydream Assistant
Blind Bargains Qast 75: Too Much Math
Blind Bargains Qast 74: CSON17
Blind Bargains Qast 73: Dongles And Stuff
Blind Bargains Qast 72: Millennial Cashtag Advisor
Blind Bargains Qast 71: Echoes Of Herbs And Spices
Blind Bargains Qast 70: The Bard On BARD
Blind Bargains Qast 69: Just the T1p$
HIMS Session #ACB16: Between The Braille Dots With Andy Leach And Jim Walton
#ACB16 Audio: Near Or Far, View And Scan With HIMS GoVision
Blind Bargains Qast 68: The Megatron Of Convention Wrap-up Shows
#ACB16 Audio: Fantastic Fashion And More With Elegant Insights Braille Creations
#NFB16 Audio: Feeling The Future Of Art With 3d Photoworks
#NFB16 Audio: Raising The Bar Graph With 3d Printing And Cornell Tech
#ACB16 Audio: Explore More With Blind Abilities
#NFB16 Audio: Navigate A 3d Audio Soundscape Through The Cities unlocked Project
#NFB16 Audio: The Eye Of AIRA Looks Upon The World At Large
#ACB16 Audio: Fine The Temperature You Like Best With A Talking Thermostat
#NFB16 Audio: Facial Feelings Found On Facebook
#NFB16 Audio: El Braille Is The Focus For Freedom Scientific
#ACB16 Audio: Braille Designs Can Make You And Your Guide Dog Even More Charming
#NFB16 Audio: Feel Drawings Come To Life In Real Time with E.A.S.Y. Tactile Graphics
#ACB16 Audio: Stretch Your Limits With Yoga Workouts from Blind Alive
#NFB16 Audio: An Ever-expanding universe For Dolphin Supernova
#NFB16 Audio: Life Is More than a Dream For Winston Chen Of VoiceDream
#ACB16 Audio: Accessorize Your Favorite Devices With Guide Lights And Gadgets
#NFB16 Audio: Duxbury Says Dot 1 Is For A And A is For Apple
#ACB16 Audio: Have Fun And Frolic With Triumph Technology
#NFB16 Audio: UEB And More Coming To The VarioUltra
#ACB16 Audio: A Future Image Of Kurzweil 1000
#NFB16 Audio: Transforming Braille With The American Printing House For The Blind
Blind Bargains Qast 67: Flip of a one-sided Coin
Blind Bargains Qast 66: Far Flung Future Stuff
Blind Bargains Qast 65: Copyright MMXVI
Blind Bargains Qast 64: Marshmallow Shield Maneuver
Blind Bargains Qast 63: Guardian Guide Cats
Blind Bargains Qast 62: Disturbing Goalball Duo
Blind Bargains Qast 61: Couch Cushion Audio
Blind Bargains Qast 60: The Final Bar Code
Blind Bargains Qast 59: Mystic Dream Fries
Blind Bargains Qast 58: The Ace Of Space
#CSUN16 HIMS Session 2: Educating The Masses With Dave Wilkinson
#CSUN16 HIMS Session 1: Going Places With GoVision
Blind Bargains Qast 57: #CSUN16 Wrap-up, The Year of Braille Cocktails
Blind Bargains Qast: #CSUN16 Interview Extra
#CSUN16 Audio: When Tactile Graphics and Android Tablets Collide
#CSUN16 Audio: Inside Vision Offers a New Twist On PC Tablet Technology for the Blind
#CSUN16 Audio: Web enhancements and More with Google TalkBack, Music, and Play
#CSUN16 Audio: Reinecker US Makes Improvements to the Mezzo Vario
#CSUN16 Audio: Index V5 Embossers Let you Print from your Phone
#CSUN16 Audio: Neobraille Provides Another Braille Display Option
#CSUN16 Audio: BlindShell Makes Using an Android Smart phone Simple
#CSUN16 Audio: A New Way to Teach Braille to Students
#CSUN16 Audio LVI Products Help Low Vision Users Get the Job Done
#CSUN16 Audio: Shelly Talks Low Vision and More with Eric Damery of Freedom Scientific
#CSUN16 Audio: Hands On with Humanware's BrailleNote Touch Android Tablet
#CSUN 16 Audio: Audio Games with Ian Hamilton and Adriane Kuzminski
#CSUN16 Audio: Shelly Talks Low Vision with James McCarthy of HIMS Inc.
#CSUN16 Audio: enhanced Vision Introduces DaVinci Pro
#CSUN16 Audio: TrySight Offers a Wide Range of Low-Vision Solutions
#CSUN16 Audio: Dolphin Computer Access Introduces New Features to SuperNova Including Whiteboard access
#CSUN16 Audio: En-Vision America Unveils the I.D. Mate Galaxy
#CSUN16 Audio: APH Is a Major Player in The Year of Braille
#CSUN16 Audio: Irisbond Makes a Difference
#CSUN16 Audio: There's More to Love About Leasey
#CSUN16 Audio: Aira Takes Assistance to a Whole New Level
#CSUN16 Audio: North State AT Helps You See
#CSUN16 Audio: Enhance Your Audio and Video with the Services of Docsoft
#CSUN16 Audio: Triumph Technology Talks Braille Displays
#CSUN16 Audio: The First Braille Smart Watch Is Closer Than You Think
#CSUN16 Audio: Ambutech Gets Creative with Cane Tips
#CSUN16 Audio: Pearson Makes Math More Accessible for the Visually Impaired
#CSUN16 Audio: The VarioUltra from Baum Just Keeps Getting Better
#CSUN16 Audio: Amazon Reaffirms Its Commitment to Accessibility
#CSUN16 Audio: American Thermoform shows Off the Braillo 650 Sf Commercial Braille Embosser
#CSUN16 Audio: Ai Squared Brings Screen Magnification and Screen Reading Technology Together with Fusion
#CSUN16 Audio: National Braille Press Unveils The B2G, a portable, Android-based refreshable braille computer
#CSUN16 Audio: Bristol Braille Technology Continues Development of the Canute Electronic Braille Book Reader
Blind Bargains Qast 56: Qapla'! Waterproof Galaxy
Blind Bargains Qast 55: Words Have meanings
Blind Bargains Qast 54: Alexa And The Muffin Man
Blind Bargains Qast 53: Megabus School For The Gifted
Blind Bargains Qast 52: Sexy Voices In Your Head
Blind Bargains Qast 51: Waterfalls And Accessible Apps
Blind Bargains Qast 50: The Golden Bowl
Blind Bargains Qast 49: A Skunk And Two Weapons
Blind Bargains Qast 48: This Year in Assistive Technology 2015
Blind Bargains Qast 47: Random Audio And Natural Reactions
Blind Bargains Qast 46: It's Business Time
Blind Bargains Qast 45: Go, Go, Gadget Goat!
Blind Bargains Qast 44: Recursive Pizza
Blind Bargains Qast 43: Boozy Turkey Soup Inboxing
Blind Bargains Qast 42: The Accessible Holiday Shopping Guide 2015
Blind Bargains Qast 41: Nimbus Squircle
Blind Bargains Qast 40: Meows What I call music Volume 3
Blind Bargains Qast 39: Grease Monkey Frequent Flier Miles
Blind Bargains Qast 38: Original Gangsta Zombie
Blind Bargains Qast 37: Rose Gold Edible leaves
Blind Bargains Qast 36: Blue Light Surface
Blind Bargains Qast 35: Bug Fixes at 88.8 MPH
Blind Bargains Qast 34: Hot Dog, Smiley Face, Toilet
Blind Bargains Qast 33: The Cat Is Already Out Of The Bag
Blind Bargains Qast 32: This One Goes to Eleven
Blind Bargains Qast 31: Does it Work With Voiceover?
Blind Bargains Qast 30: Autotune The Moos
Blind Bargains Qast 29: Stars, Moons And Legal Correspondants
Blind Bargains Qast 28: The Cheapest Hits We Could license
Blind Bargains Qast 27: Limited Time Only Joe With Voiceover Remote
Blind Bargains Qast 26: Trainers, NVDA And AI Squared
Blind Bargains Qast 25: Cortana, Earl Gray, Hot!
Summer Convention Audio: Powerful Tablet Magnification With eBot
Summer Convention Audio: HIMS Sets The World ABlaze With The ET And EZ
Blind Bargains Qast 24: N, F or C?
Summer Convention Audio: Smart Beetle, Braille Sense And Even More Braille From HIMS
#SightVillage Audio: Dine And Think In Braille At Dens Le Noir
#SightVillage Audio: UEB, Improved Math Support and More from Humanware
#SightVillage Audio: Dolphin Computer Access Readies For Windows 10 With A Supernova
#SightVillage Audio: The Cane Is The Perfect Fashion Accessory For Queen Alexandra College
#SightVillage Audio: Tiger Tiger Brailling Bright With Sight And Sound
#SightVillage Audio: Thunderous applause for Georgie, Enhancing your Android Phone
#SightVillage Audio: Cooking And Color Identification With Cobolt Systems
#SightVillage Audio: Talking Baum Braille With the Brothers Bradburn
#SightVillage Audio: Six Legs, 14 cells, Sight and Sound Show Off The Smart Beetle
#SightVillage Audio: England and Wales Blind Golfers At The Top Of Their Game
#SightVillage Audio: Productivity, Training And More With Blazie UK
#SightVillage Audio: The Beautiful Sanata Continues With The British Wireless for the Blind Fund
#SightVillage Audio: Setting A Beacon With Barclay's Bank
#SightVillage Audio: Recording Remotely With voice Guidance And Olympus
Blind Bargains Qast 23: #ACB15 And #NFB15 Convention Conversation
@NFB15 Audio: Braille's Best Friends, Cosmo and BERT from E-Brailler
#ACB15 Audio: Hands-on with Tactile iOS screenshots from iHabilitation
#ACB15 Audio: Indoor GPS Navigation with Lowviz Guide
#NFB15 Audio: The Latest from Duxbury Systems
#ACB15 Audio: Reading on The Run with the Topaz PHD
#NFB15 Audio: Frolic with Dolphin in Windows 10
#ACB15 Audio: Zoomtext Fusion and More from AI Squared
#ACB15 Audio: New App and New Features for NLS BARD
#NFB15 Audio: The Latest with Uber from Mike May
#ACB15 Audio: New Home and New Features for The Ace Plus
#ACB15 Audio: Latest with Trekker Breeze and Prodigi from Humanware
#NFB15 Audio: Telling Time with Style Using The Bradley Timepiece
#NFB15 Audio: Traveling with The Redesigned Traveler, and Clearview Plus from Optelec
#NFB15 audio: Basic Braille, Active Braille and Active Star Displays from Handytech and Triumph Technologies
#NFB15 Audio: APH and Nemeth, Calculators and apps, oh my!
Summer Convention Audio: Move those Muscles with Blind Alive workouts
Blind Bargains Qast 22: The Guide Dog Name Book
Blind Bargains Qast 21: Bacon Drizzle Binary Math
Blind Bargains Qast 20: Must... Get... Coffee... Delivered...
Blind Bargains Qast 19: There's Lots of Calories in dem Apples
Blind Bargains Qast 18: Glanceable, Actionable And Effortless Class Reunion
Blind Bargains Qast 17: The Golden Age Of Braille N Print
Blind Bargains Qast 16: Purrfect Hot Donuts
Blind Bargains Qast 15: The Book Of Jenny's Buzzer Beaters
BBQ Special: CSUN AT 30
Blind Bargains Qast 14: Apple Watches Time and Relative Dimension in Space
Blind Bargains Qast 13: Super Uber Sensearound Kilt
Blind Bargains Qast 12: Organic Audio Tours For Your Peers
Blind Bargains Qast 11: Audio Gaming With Goat herds On Demand
Blind Bargains Qast 10: April Foolin' Around
Blind Bargains Qast 9: Functional, Decorative And Inclusive BBQ
#CSUN15 Audio: Kurzweil 1000 Presentation With Steve Baum
#CSUN15 Audio: Read How You Want With The Latest Technology From HIMS
#CSUN15 Audio: Meet The E-bot Portable Video Magnifier from HIMS
Blind Bargains Podcast 8: #CSUN15, Apple and Taptic Burritos
#CSUN15 Audio: Custom Accessible Phones From Claria for Blind and Low Vision users
#CSUN15 Audio: Accessibility Oz Provides Automated Accessibility Tools, Accessible Video Player and
#CSUN15 Audio: Free Currency Reader from Bureau of Engraving and Printing
#CSUN15 Audio: Nemeth Braille Tutorial, TI-84 Plus and More With APH
#CSUN15 Audio: Shh! Listen to The Mountbatten Whisper From Harpo
#CSUN15 Audio: The Updated Phoenix Gold Edition Braille Embosser from Enabling Technologies
#CSUN15 Audio: Join The Revolution With an All-in-one CCTV and Android Tablet from North State AT
#CSUN15 Audio: Latest News and Upcoming Conference for IAAP
#CSUN15 Audio: The Latest on The KNFB Reader
#CSUN15 Audio: Real-time iOS OCR from Amedia
#CSUN15 Audio: What's New With The Ace Plus from ABiSee?
#CSUN15 Audio: Accessible Prescription Lables from AccessaMed
#CSUN15 Audio: Researching Technology for Indoor Mapping and More With Cavu
#CSUN15 Audio: Listen to Your Favorite Internet Content on The Webbox2
#CSUN15 Audio: What's New With Site Cues
#CSUN15 Audio: Travel in Style and Safety With Ambutech Canes
#CSUN15 Audio: Color Gradient Makes Reading Text Easier with Beeline Reader
#CSUN15 Audio: The Redesigned 6dot Braille Label Maker
#CSUN15 Audio: AT Prime Brings a New Level of Accessibility to Windows Applications
#CSUN15 Audio: Music At Your Fingertips With the Handy Tech Active Star
#CSUN15 Audio: Humanware Introduces the Trekker Breeze Plus
#CSUN15 Audio: A Deeper Look at NV Access
Blind Bargains Podcast 7: Access For iOS At 1.5x
Blind Bargains Podcast 6: Party Sounds And Shoeboxes
Blind Bargains Podcast 5: Geeks Being Blind, Cool And Tech
Blind Bargains Podcast 4: Comcast And Katy Perry's Shark
#ATIA15 Audio: Dolphin can now Guide you to NLS and NFBNewsline Content
#ATIA15 Audio: What does the C in the Optelec ClearView C Stand For?
#ATIA15 Audio: Introducing the Smart Beetle Braille Display and the Blaze ET from Hims
#ATIA15 Audio: Window-Eyes 9 is Ready for the Modern Web, and a ZoomText Hint
#ATIA15 Audio: Freedom Scientific Introduces A Topaz you can Carry With You
#ATIA15 Audio: Voice Dream Writer Raises the Bar for Text Editing on iOS
#ATIA15 Audio: Signs, Signs, Everywhere there's NFC Signs from Signaids
#ATIA15 Audio: Hands On with the VOXbox OCR System from Reinecker Vision
#ATIA15 Audio: A Talking Braille Watch and More from LS&S
Blind Bargains Podcast 3: Windows 10 through a Hollo Lens
Blind Bargains Podcast 2: Voices, Eyes and Fashion Runaways
Blind Bargains Podcast: CES 2015, Be My Eyes interview and totally a tween!
Audio: This Year in Assistive Technology 2014, Counting Down to Number 1
Audio: Wolf Products Makes Learning Math Fun
Audio: My Braille Cell, A Simple Teaching Tool for the Budget-minded
#CSUN14 Audio: Accessible Braille Emergency Alerts from NPR
#CSUN14 Audio: Perkins Products ZoomCapture Magnifying Lens and LightAid Tool for Kids
#CSUN14 Audio: Tactalis Presents Visual Information Magnetically
#CSUN14 Audio: Chat Online with the Job Accommodation Network
#CSUN14 Audio: Harpo Lets you Type with One Hand with the BraillePen, Introduces New Mountbatten
#CSUN14 Audio: Wordpress Accessibility Making Big Gains
#CSUN14 Audio: Bones Turns a Milestone into a Vibrating Clock
#CSUN14 Audio: Discovering Access to Microsoft SharePoint
#CSUN14 Audio: I.D. Mate Quest, It's Much Smaller Than a Loaf of Bread
Audio: The Quest to Make Board Games Accessible
#CSUN14 Audio: National Braille Press Awarding up to $20,000 for Accessible Software and Hardware
#CSUN14 Audio: Getting Down to Business with Accessible QuickBooks
#CSUN14 Audio: Math Equations Are Getting A Whole Lot More Accessible
#CSUN14 Audio: Dancing Dots Sees the Light with New Lime Lighter Models
#CSUN14 Audio: The E-bot, the Magnifier behind the Hims Robot
#CSUN14 Audio: Aumed Expands HD Line with LaView 22-inch Desktop Magnifier
#CSUN14 Audio: Duxbury 11.2 Supports Nemeth Input, Mac Version Coming Soon
#CSUN14 Audio: Issist Creating Mercury Magnification and OCR Suite for Android
#CSUN14 Audio: Enabling Technologies Ditches Shakespeare, Introduces Sleek Cyclone and Trident Braille Embossers
#CSUN14 Audio: It's All about Wireless with the Victor Stream
#CSUN14 Audio: Eye-Pal Ace Plus Includes Portable OCR and Braille Output
#CSUN14 Audio: DO-IT Gets Teens and Young Adults Excited about Tech
#CSUN14 Audio: Capti iPhone App Reads the Web and More, now for Free
#CSUN14 Audio: Touch-screen Magnification from Dolphin; Giving Away a Dell Tablet
#CSUN14 Audio: AI Squared Talks ZoomText for Mac Speech Features, Sitecues for Web Publishers
#CSUN14 Audio: Baum in the USA, Introduces VisioBook S Magnifier
#CSUN14 Audio: The Alva Comfort and EasyLink 12 Touch Braille Displays from Alva and IRIE AT
#CSUN14 Audio: Check out the Moves on that Robot
#CSUN14 Audio: The Compact Touch HD, a Touchscreen Portable Magnifier
#CSUN14 Audio: ScripTalk Prescription Labels Now Available through CVS
#CSUN14 Audio: Honest Vision's $15,000 Computer-based OCR System
#CSUN14 Audio: A Low-vision Graphing Calculator with Speech and more from Sight Enhancement Systems
#CSUN14 Audio: Two New Magnifiers from Optelec including One Using Windows 8.1
#CSUN14 Audio: Candid Thoughts on the GW Micro and Microsoft Partnership from Jeremy Curry
#CSUN14 Audio: Introducing the International Association of Accessibility Professionals
#CSUN14 Audio: Indoor Navigation using iBeacons
#CSUN14 Audio: The Sound of Eloquence on Android
#CSUN14 Audio: A Live Demo of the Hims Blaze EZ
#afblc Audio: A 3d-Printed Audio and Tactile Museum Experience from Tooteko
#afblc Audio: How Adversity leads to Opportunity: A Chat with the Developers of TapTapSee
Audio Sczweck on Tech: The Accessibility of Smart Watches
Audio: Another quick and Dirty 7-minute Guide; What's new in Low Vision in iOS 7
Audio: The Quick and Dirty 7-minute Guide to What's new with VoiceOver in iOS 7
Audio: Meteor Vibrating Pocket Watch
#CSUN13 Audio: Gotta Love Them Outtakes: The Rest of CSUN 2013
#CSUN13 Audio: Hands On With the All-new Victor Stream from Humanware
#CSUN13 Audio: iOS Access for All, an eBook Guide to iOS Accessibility
#CSUN13 Audio: @Learning_Ally Adds Text to Some of their Books, Introduces Tools for Teachers
#CSUN13 Audio: Dancing Dots Teaches Braille Music with Music Touch
#CSUN13 Audio: A Vibrating Pocket Watch from Alexandra Vision
#CSUN13 Audio: AI Squared Discusses ZoomText for Mac, ImageReader OCR Solution
#CSUN13 Audio: Logickeyboard offers Large Print Bluetooth Keyboard, LogicLight Keyboard Light
#CSUN13 Audio: Bookshare Offers Browser-based Book Reader, New Bookshelf Features
#CSUN13 Audio: LookTel Releases VO Tutorial, Gives Update on Breadcrumbs GPS, Going Nonprofit
#CSUN13 Audio: Braille Institute Offers Free Big Browser, App Directory, and Vision Simulator Apps for iOS
#CSUN13 Audio: The Latest with Mobile Accessibility for Android, Now Free on Several Carriers
#CSUN13 Audio: B2G Android Notetaker Nearing Release, National Braille Press Offering up to $20,000 for App Developers
#CSUN13 Audio: Free Sight Compass App Helps you Navigate Hotels, Bathrooms, and More
#CSUN13 Audio: Hands-On With the Nearby Explorer GPS Software from APH
#CSUN13 Audio: Nippon Telesoft Displays Tactile Artwork Created by the Blind with Pico
#CSUN13 Audio: The Cheaper Milestone 112 from Bones Focuses on Recording
#CSUN13 Audio: Accessible Tactile Graphics Software from IRIE AT
#CSUN13 Audio: What's New with Window-Eyes 8.1 from GW Micro
#CSUN13 Audio: New Consumer and High-speed Embossers from American Thermoform and Braillo
#CSUN13 Audio: Latest HandyTech Braille Displays and More from Triumph Technology
#CSUN13 Audio: Ask Earl and He'll Read you the Newspaper on your iPhone
#CSUN13 Audio: The Accessible Firefox Browser for Android and the Development of the Firefox OS
#CSUN13 Audio: @Optelec Announces the ClearView Speech Desktop Video Magnifier with OCR
#CSUN13 Audio: Updated Software Unleashed for the Phoenix Embosser
#CSUN13 Audio: Smart911 Helps You Stay Safe in an Emergency
#CSUN13 Audio: Building Robots Accessibly with Lego Mindstorms NXT
#CSUN13 Audio: New Phones from Clarity Products for Seniors and Hard of Hearing
#CSUN13 Audio: Hands On with the Accessible TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator
#CSUN13 Audio: The Maturation and Future of NVDA
#CSUN13 Audio: Ananse Productions Gets Fancy with Letter Clever for iOS and Android
Audio: Demonstration of the Quantum Bar Code Scanner
Audio: What's New at Freedom Scientific?
Audio: A Makeover for Accessible Event
#CSUN12 Audio: New Notetaking and Braille Options from Hims
#CSUN12 Audio: Crowdsourced Funding and the Release of the 6dot
#CSUN12 Audio: Demystifying the NBP Braille Notetaker
#CSUN12 Audio: A Unique iOS Bluetooth Keypad from Mobience
#CSUN12 Audio: Learning More about Yahoo! Accessibility and Inclusive Design
#CSUN12 Audio: The Latest with Duxbury for Windows, and Duxbury for the Mac?
#CSUN12 Audio: Knowbility Offering Cash for Website Testing
#CSUN12 Audio: Captioning Radio Programs with Braille for the Deaf-blind
#CSUN12 Audio: This Ain't your Grandma's Blio
#CSUN12 Audio: A Demo of the LookTel Object Recognizer
#CSUN12 Audio: AbiSee Refreshes Eye-Pal Line
#CSUN12 Audio: Remote Braille Learning with BERT
#CSUN12 Audio: Optelec's Latest HD Magnifier
#CSUN12 Audio: A Folding Desktop Magnifier from Baum
#CSUN12 Audio: HumanWare Talks Braille Displays, mPower PDF Support, and a new SmartView
#CSUN12 Audio: The Latest Perkins Braille Display and Next Generation Brailler Take 2
#CSUN12 Audio: Equal Access to Textbooks with STEPP
#CSUN12 Audio: A Recap of ZoomText 10 and the iLoView Video Magnifier
#CSUN12 Audio: A 49-minute Demo of the BraillePlus Second Generation
#CSUN12 Audio: Controlling a Traffic Light from your Phone
#CSUN12 Audio: Read the Web Later, or Better with Capti
#CSUN12 Audio: A Windows 7 Braille Laptop
#CSUN12 Audio: Need help Getting the Accommodations you Need at Work? Ask Jan.
#CSUN12 Audio: Helping with Section 508 Compliance
#CSUN12 Audio: Dolphin is No Longer the Hal Company
#CSUN12 Audio: Introducing A Desktop BookPort
#CSUN12 Audio: Ambutech's Premium Canes
Audio: Q&A about the Vanda Pharmaceuticals Sleep Study
Audio: Wasting Time with Bop It XT
Audio: What can the Insignia Voice Command Clock Radio do for You?
#csun11 Audio: A Laptop with a Built-in Braille Display
#csun11 Audio: Hands On with the Electronic Brailler
#csun11 Audio: Free Phones for Disabled California Residents
#csun11 Audio: A More Compact Seika
#csun11 Audio: Voiceye Offers Free App to Read Bar Coded Text
#csun11 Audio: Speaking Highly of Website Accessibility
#csun11 Audio: Internet Radio on a Plextalk Pocket
#csun11 Audio: Demoing the RFB&D iPhone App
#csun11 Audio: Ambutech's Vibrating Glasses
#csun11 Audio: The Accessible Blio Reader
#csun11 Audio: A CCTV and OCR in One
#csun11 Audio: LookTel Taking the World by Storm
#csun11 Audio: Hands On with Talking PC Maps
#csun11 Audio: APH Rebirths Wayfinder Access as AviNav
#csun11 Audio: A Preview of the 6dot Braille Labeler
#csun11 Audio: A Graphite Cane Advantage
#csun11 Audio: Dolphin Swimming with Updates
#csun11 Audio: Hands-on with DocuScan Plus and the HoverCam Document Camera
#csun11 Audio: A Tactile, Braille Mouse
#csun11 Audio: A First Glimpse at the Orion
#csun11 Audio: The Long and Winding Road to NVDA
#csun11 Audio: A New Chapter for Index
#csun11 Audio: Print and Braille Together with the Braille and Print
#csun11 Audio: A Remodeling for Gnome
#csun11 Audio: Clearreader+ Gets Feature Packed
#csun11 Audio: Stem Stumper Game Headed to iOS
#csun11 Audio: Speaking of Mobile Speak Improvements
#csun11 Audio: CAIT Aiming to Introduce More Affordable Technology
Audio: The Haptica Braille Watch
#atia11 Audio: Saying Goodbye to our Friend Sierra
#ATIA11 Audio: Wrap-Up with J.J. Meddaugh and Matt McCubbin
#atia11 Audio: Eschenbach Magnifies in HD
#atia11 Audio: GW Micro Touts Features of Window-Eyes 7.5
#atia11 Audio: Guerilla Takes a Bite out of OCR
#atia11 Audio: A Major Duxbury Boost
#atia11 Audio: Taking Note of Baum
Audio: Blind Bargains Coverage of the Blind Driver Press Conference #nfbbdc
Audio: Blind Bargains Trackside Coverage of the Blind Driver Challenge #nfbbdc
#atia11 Audio: The Two Minds of the Braille Phoenix
#atia11 Audio: Going Mobile and More with BookShare
#atia11 Audio: Clarity shows new Video Magnifier but the Name is Unclear
#atia11 Audio: Braille from a Braille Box
#atia11 Audio: A Hands-on Digital Milestone
#atia11 Audio: A Clear Demonstration of the ClearReader Plus
#atia11 Audio: Of Active Braille and Money Management
#atia11 Audio: Nuance Talks Talks, Hints at Android
#atia11 Audio: A First Look at ZoomReader
#atia11 Audio: Humanware Unwraps KeySoft 9.1
#atia2010 Audio: The Future of Hims in the U.S.
#atia2010 Audio: Weirich Says GW Micro Still has a Future in Hardware
#atia2010 Audio: ViewPlus Offers an Infusion of the EmFuse
#atia2010 Audio: Damery Discusses the Latest from Freedom Scientific
Audio: Beware: J.J. Goes Hands On with the Audio Dart Master
Audio: A Quick Demo of Intersection Explorer for Android
Audio Quick Take: Eton FR300 Emergency Radio
Audio: Thermoworks instant Read Talking Thermometer
#csun10 Audio: Hands On with Accessible Canon Copiers
#csun10 Audio: The Summit of I.D. Mates
#csun10 Audio: New Magnification Upgrades from Enhanced Vision
#csun10 Audio: iPhone Software can Help People Speak
#csun10 Audio: MagniLink Go Reads, but also Magnifies
#csun10 Audio: Extended Hands On with Blio
#csun10: Audio: In Motion with the Flexiciser
#csun10 Audio: Raul Gallegos Talks some Sense
#csun10 Audio: Braille Translation Software you can Lease
#csun10 Audio: AFB Announces New AccessWorld Editor
#csun10 Audio: Serotek's Michael Lauf Talks RIM, CSUN Observations
#csun10 Audio: The Plextalk Pocket's new Wireless Features
#csun10 Audio: Hands-On with Sendero's iPhone and Desktop Apps
#csun10 Audio: There's No place like Gnome
#csun10 Audio: J.J. Mutilates a Classic using Braille Karaoke
#csun10 Audio: An Industrial-strength Braille Labeler
#csun10 Audio: J.J. Hijacks a Brailler for Free Advertising
#csun10 Audio: CSUN Through the Eyes of a Guide Dog
#csun10 Audio: Quick Tour of the BookSense DS
#csun10 Audio: A First Look at the Pearl
#csun10 Audio: When Braille and Print Collide
Audio: Intel Reader Portable Capture Station not so Portable, but Does Improve Reading
Audio: Michel Pepin Talks Oratio in Extended Interview
#atia2010 Audio: Saying Goodbye to Sierra
#atia2010 Audio: ATIA 2010 Wrapup
#atia2010 Audio: Hands On with the Book Port Plus
#atia2010 Audio: Guerilla's Netbook OCR Solution
#atia2010 Audio: Expanding your Vision with evSpex
#atia2010 Audio: The Open Braille Initiative
#atia2010 Audio: The Future of ZoomText
#atia2010 Audio: An Open Book with Freedom Scientific
#atia2010 Audio: SAMnet and MOre with GW Micro
#atia2010 Audio: What's New with Code Factory
#atia2010 Audio: Talking Accessibility with Adobe
#atia2010 Audio: GH Talks DAISY for the Mac
Audio: James Gashel Introduces Blio
#atia2010 Audio: A Clear View of Optelec Developments
#atia2010 Audio: The Data on AbleData
#atia2010 Audio: Navigating with ClickAndGo Maps
#atia2010 Audio: The power of Music with Thinking Moves
#atia2010 Audio: Dancing Dots Offers Interactive Music Stand
#atia2010 Audio: Sendero GPS Updates on the Horizon
#ATIA2010 Audio: Enabling Technologies Rebirths the TranScend
#atia2010 Audio: Past, Present, and Future with Dean Blazie
#atia2010 Audio: Talks on a Touchscreen
#atia2010 Audio: Atomic Learning offers 5,000 Video and Audio Tutorials
#atia2010 audio: How Fast can MIS Recognize Text?
#atia2010 audio: EVAS Introduces MIS Fast All-in-one OCR Solution
#atia2010 Audio: The Apex of Humanware Interviews
#atia2010 Audio: Navigating Around Orlando with ClickAndGo Maps
Audio: Intel Reader vs. KNFB Reader Mobile Comparison with Speed Test Results
Audio: Hands On with the Intel Reader
Audio: Intel Reader Unboxing
Convention Audio: Hands On with the Book Sense
Convention Audio: A New Scanning Pal
Convention Audio: A Refreshing new Braille Display
Convention Audio: Home-Based Learning for the 21st Century
Convention Audio: Hands On with Si Recognizer - Part Two
Convention Audio: Hands On with Si Recognizer - Part One
Convention Audio: A New Pal in Text Recognition
Convention Audio: Hot off the Braille Press
Convention Audio: Dolphin Says, Hey, We have Scripting Too
Convention Audio: The Unnamed Plextor Portable
Convention Audio: Reading with Bar Codes
Convention Audio: Might as Well be Listening to the Sun
Convention Audio: On the Level with the Icon
Convention Audio: Diabetic Accessibility
Convention Audio: Making Braille Sense of Scripting
Convention Audio: All about the Wizzpeg
Convention Audio: Vision Cue gets Feature Packed
Convention Audio: An Accessible Wireless Media Solution
Convention Audio: Mosen says PAC Mate Omni 6.1 isImminent
Convention Audio: A First Look at Mobile Geo
Audio: Exploring the World of Bar Codes with BCScan
ATIA Audio: The Accessible Digital Lifestyle
ATIA Audio: Talking Parrot
ATIA Audio: Dancing Dots Shows Off Music Software
ATIA Audio: Read How You Want Expands
ATIA Audio: Braille Displays for the 21st Century
ATIA Audio: Talking Phones with Code Factory
ATIA Audio: A very Scripted Interview with Doug Geoffray
KNFB Reader Mobile Press Conference Available
ATIA Audio: A Free Screen Reader for All
ATIA Audio: James Gashel Explains the KNFB Reader Mobile
ATIA Audio: Jonathan Mosen and Freedom Scientific
ATIA Audio: Larry Lewis talks Baum
ATIA Audio: GH Player, DAISY Reading Software
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